Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob finished

Everyone knows who Spongebob Squarepants is. The yellow sponge with the brown pants and the red tie. Together with his best friend and neighbor Patrick he makes the life of the squid Octo very hard. Since Octo works at the same restaurant as the yellow sponge he has a difficult life dealing with a hyperactive sponge. Squarepants himself always sees the sunny side of things and although he gets into trouble all the time he has a happy life.
This underwater fellow is very easy to
draw since most of his body is square.
Spongebob step 1

Start by drawing a rectangle that is leaning a litlle bit back with curves at the sides.

Spongebob step 2

Next we make the rectangle 3d by adding a side at the left. Make also curves at the sides.
Spongebob step 3

Now we draw the squared pants where he has his last name from.

Spongebob step 4

In this step we make the sleeves and the trousers. This a very easy step since you only have to draw 4 triangles at the right places.
Spongebob step 5

Next we draw the nose and mouth. Also draw a line at the end of the mouth as shown on the picture so he has a cheek.

Spongebob step 6

For his eyes we just draw 2 circles above the mouth, put a circle in it and then put another cirlce in the middle of each one.
Spongebob  step 7

Add the arms, hands, legs, socks and shiny shoes.

Spongebob step 8

Now add the details.
Spongebob step 9

Here we colour him in and your friend Squarepants is finished. Fantastic!

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