Cartoon Rabbit

rabbit original

This is an easy lesson. As you look at the drawing it might look like a very difficult drawing but it isn't. By just following the steps you can draw this happy rabbit. In this lesson we are going to use a lot of circle and ovals to make drawing this rabbit more easy. You might already see some circle and ovals in this drawing whithout scrolling down.
rabbit step 1

For the first step you draw an oval in the middle of you paper this will be the body and draw 2 ovals on top of it crossing over eachother.

rabbit step 2

Next you draw one oval on the left of the body and one on the right. this will be the base of the feet.
rabbit step 3

For step 3 we you draw a oval which connects the right foot with the body and a line which connect the left foot with the body. You also draw the ears by making two ovals on top of the head.

rabbit step 4

For the next step you draw an oval from the left side of the head to the top of the left foot and another along the right side of the head with a circle on top of it.
rabbit step 5

In this step we are going to make the first start of the the drawing like it is suppose to be. Draw the outher lines of the face and the right hand.

rabbit step 6

In step 6 you draw the rest of the drawing except for the detail like the eyes and nose.
rabbit step 7

Now it is time to ad the details.The only thing that is missing now is some collor.

rabbit step 8

I have made all the lines that you should erase brown.
rabbit step 9

Erase all the brown lines. Now you have the total drawing. The only thing you have to add is some collor.

rabbit step 10

Collor your rabbit in like you see on in the drawing I have made or you can use your own collors to make you own unique rabbit cartoon drawing. You drawing is now finished. Well done

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