How To Draw Cartoon Characters

Wouldn't it be fun to know how to draw cartoon characters like those in Southpark? The characters of Southpark seem to be very easy to draw. And guess what? They are. Wouldn't it be cool if you could make a sound picture of Eric, Kyle, Stan or Kenny?

Or maybe you want to draw some other cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and all the other Disney figures.

In this part of the website I will show you how to draw your most favourite cartoon characters. Step by step you will discover how to put them together in a way you won't see the difference with the originals.

All cartoon character artist have their own style and it's exciting to discover the differences between them. And after a while you can mingle them into your own individual mode of drawing cartoon characters.

The lessons are easy to follow and doing them carefully you will be a true cartoon character artist in no time.

Cartoon Characters

Next I'll give you a list of cartoon characters. Choose the ones you like and discover how to draw them like a pro.

Cartman button
Eric Cartman

The funny guy from Southpark. Has it appeared to you that once you can draw one character of Southpark you can almost draw all the other ones.

Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson

Is he really that simple or don't we just see how brilliant he is? Nice style and not very hard to draw.


This underwater creature is enjoying life all the time. Whatever happens he just sees the sunny side.


It is the brilliant kid that, together with his brother Ferb, invents all kinds of sensational toys.

donald duck button
Donald Duck

It's the mad Duck from Disney's hand. When you can make this style your own you really have gold in your own hands.

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