Homer Simpson

Homer finished

Homer Simpson in the main character in the famous tv serie the Simpsons. He is married to Marge and together they got 3 children. Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson.He is a stupid, lazy, an alcoholic and simple but sometimeswhen he is in trouble he has brilliant ideas. You will learn how to draw him in a few simple steps. Starting with sketching and ending with colouring.

Homer step 1

To start we make a circle. This will be the left eye of Homer.

Homer step 2

For the nose and the mouth you draw 1 line as shown on the picture.
Homer step 3

For step 3 we make the other eye by drawing another circle left from the other eye. Put a dot in both eyes to make the pupils.Next we make the teeth by simply add some lines in his mouth. Now you should already recognize Homer.

Homer step 4

The next thing we draw is his forehead. Draw a line from the eye to the other side of his head as show on the picture. It ends at his ear which we also draw in this step.
Homer step 5

Two simple lines build up the neck and with some other lines at the top of the head and the back of the head we give Homer his beautiful hair.

Homer step 6

We draw his collar by making a line as shown on the picture.
Homer step 7

By finishing the collar Homer is ready to be coloured.

Homer step 8

Now give your man some colour and you've finished your mr. Simpson. Great job!

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