Cartoon Eagle

eagle original

In this lesson of you will learn how to draw the eagle. The stealth like predator. By using circles ovals and other easy figures you will have drawn this impressive bird in no time. In the first steps we will make the framework. It will be easier when you start with this because you will already have an idear about how the eagle will look like in the end. This technique is not only used in cartoon drawing but also in realistic drawing.

Well enough talking lets start.
eagle step 1

We will start by making the framework. Draw two circle like you can see on the picture on the right. Those circles will be the framework of the head and the mainbody.

eagle step 2

Next we make the wings these will be folded so draw them along the mainbody. The eagle is not standing straight forwards but a bit to the side so you can't see the total left wing.
eagle step 3

In step 3 we connect the head, the body and the wings by drawing a circle at the open space between and we draw two cricles below the body those will be framework of upper legs.

eagle step 4

After that we will make the start of the tail and the feet. Look at the picture to see how.
eagle step 5

Now we have finished the framework and we will start by making the detailed picture. Draw the head and the upperside of the body like you see on the left.

eagle step 6

Next we draw legs. see the picture on the right.
eagle step 7

In step 7 we make the feet and the lower part of the legs.

eagle step 8

For the next step we start to finish the drawing by adding the eyes, nails, beak and make the lines you don't want to erase with pen.
eagle step 9

Erase the lines you don't want to have in your final drawing and your drawing is almost finished.

eagle step 10

add the collors you want or look at the picture on the right. Your cartoon drawing is now finished. Well done.

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