Donald Duck

donald duck finished

Donald Duck is the most famous character drawn by Walt Disney. He is the Main character is the stories and film called after him.He is audacious curious but also friendly and even though his familie isn't always nice to him he loves them very much.On this page you'll discover how to draw him in just 10 easy steps. Good Luck.
donald duck step 1

For the first step we will draw the two eyes by drawing two oval shapes.

donald duck step 2

Next we draw the lower part of his beak.
donald duck step 3

Now we draw the upper part of his beak over the lower part. Make sure you do this with a pencil because you will have to erase some lines when you are nearly finished.

donald duck step 4

After this we draw the eyebrows like he is surprised. Do recognize this funny fellow already?
donald duck step 5

Connect the eyebrows and the beak with each other.His head is nearly complete.

donald duck step 6

In this step we draw his hair and erase the lines of the lower part of the beak in the upper part of the beak.
doanld duck step 7

Now we draw his tongue the rest of his beak and the lower part of his hat.

donald duck step 8

And the upper part.
Did I mention to draw his pupils? Well, let's put them in.
donald duck step 9

We draw the details to make it really cool.

donald duck finished

And for the last step colour him in. Your character is now finished. Good job.

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