Cartoon Duck

Duck finished

Learn how to draw this adorable cartoon duck in just 8 steps. We will start with some easy shapes and eventually you will have your very own adorable duck.
Duck step 1

For the first step we will draw a circle with an oval in it. This will be the start of the head.

Duck step 2

Next the eyes and hair of the duck. Draw the eyes like to half ovals with a line at the button.
Duck step 4

The beak is a little bit more difficult then the steps before but if you look closely to the picture on the left. It shouldn't be hard.

Duck step 5

After this we draw a big circle under the head and connect the cirle by two lines to the head. Then draw the rest of the beak.
Duck step 6

In this step we will draw the wings of the duck. One wing is by his side and at one wing his thumb is pointing up.

Duck step 7

Next we draw his feet.
Duck step 8

Draw the details and your duck will be almost ready to fly out.

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