Cartman From Southpark

Cartman finished

Eric Cartman is one of the four main characters and for some obscure reason he is my favorite. He is one of the most recognisible characters in the serie. He wears a blue cap and yellow beanie, a red jacket and yellow gloves. Also brown trousers and black shoes. Eric is part of the fourth grade of mister Garrison. He is raised by his mother Liana who is always worried about her child and does every thing for him. Eric himself is a nasty racist,
an extreme sexists, very unreliable
and rather insensitive. Well, just have
fun with him.

Cartman step 1

To start draw an oval. This will be the start of Eric Cartman's head.

Cartman step 2

Now we draw a vertical round shaped line through the oval. The part above this line will be the beanie. We draw another line parallel to the first line a litlle bit higher. Also draw the pompon at the top of the oval.

Cartman step 3

We draw two egg shaped eyes which will intercept at the top. Put a dot in the eyes and the eyes are finished.

Cartman step 4

The body of this character is quite fat so we should show his overweight by drawing a big large body.

Cartman step 5

For his legs we should draw two short lines under his belly. These lines are short because the fat of Eric hangs over them. Now we just draw his feet, flat and full sized. His hands can be drawn as shown.

Cartman step 6

Finish the basic picture by filling in the details. Draw a vertical line in the middle of his belly and add the knots.
Next we draw his mouth an chin and double chin by drawing 3 round shaped lines under his eyes as shown on the picture.

Cartman step 7

Colour him in.

Cartman step 8

The original figure does not have black edges so erase the counturing. Now your Southpark character is finished. Well done!

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